Air Conditioning FAQ’s

Soaring temperatures in summer have prompted people to install efficient air conditioning systems in their homes and offices in order to keep the environment comfortable and cool. While modern air conditioning systems are very sophisticated and resilient, they require regular attention to function well. It’s not uncommon for a poorly maintained system to stop working in the middle of summer. A good air conditioning repair company will handle all problems and make sure the system keeps running efficiently.

Air Conditioning Repairs Laguna Hills, CA

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What are the Common Air Conditioning Problems?

Air conditioners are just as vulnerable to regular wear and tear as other such systems; so they tend to develop problems on a yearly basis. It’s a good idea to hire an air conditioning service company to inspect and maintain the system at least once a year to ensure it doesn’t break down in the middle of summer. Here are some of the most common problems such companies face.

  • Problems with the Condenser – The condenser cools the air enough to make your living environment comfortable during the summer. If it doesn’t function well, the air conditioning unit would just circulate warm air through the room, which doesn’t really help.
  • Inadequate Cooling – Inadequate cooling is quite a common problem and there are many causes for this including dusty filters, malfunctioning condensers, and ductwork size. A professional will assess your system to determine the cause of the cooling and recommend solutions that would improve its efficiency.
  • No Cooling – If there’s no cooling at all, it’s very likely that the connection between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is faulty. That’s one of the first things a professional would check when they try to determine the problem. They’ll also check the thermostat to ensure the settings are accurate.
  • Frequent Cycling – In order to maintain a comfortable temperature within the room, your air conditioning system would shut off and switch on periodically. This usually happens on a set schedule and is very efficient. However, if your system starts cycling too frequently, the cooling would be ineffective and your general environment would be uncomfortable.
How to Choose a Good Repair Service?

You need to choose reliable air conditioning maintenance and repair service to ensure your system runs well and you don’t waste your money on needless repairs. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Look at online reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google+.
  • Always ask for references and contact provided references before you hire a professional.
  • Don’t choose the cheapest service provider because sometimes there might be hidden costs involved.
  • Always ask for a detailed quote and inspection report.

It’s a good idea to hire well-established companies like Kalka Heating and Air to get the best air conditioning repair because they have experience in the industry and would provide high quality service.